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    Sorry guys, but everyone was so helpful last time, I thought I would ask another question.

    I have only been looking into this for a few days, but what are the major affiliate programs besides CJ? Are you allowed to join them all or are you stuck with one or the other?

    For example, if I wanted to start a link to amazon or dell. Would I have to go directly to those companies to register or do I go through someone like CJ?

    Still trying to figure this whole thing out. Are their any good beginner tutorials?


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    You can join as many as you like, unless one has a non-compete clause. No major affiliate program that I know if has such a clause. Word of advice...if there's a non-compete clause...don't join.

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    For example, if I wanted to start a link to amazon or dell. Would I have to go directly to those companies to register or do I go through someone like CJ?

    It depends on the company. For Amazon, you'd go directly to them--they run their program in-house.

    Dell's at Snare (Linkshare). But they're a puny commission place with many ways to avoid paying at all (as I recall, if the customer browses around a bit on their site, you can lose the commission), so think twice before touching that one!

    As for determining where to sign up for other places, usually it says on their site (there'll be a screen with info about their aff. program). Some sites have their "signup" links go to the network signup page (without saying what network they're at), though. If a site directs you to the signup page for a network you're already in, DON'T open another account--go through your existing account screen at the appropriate network to sign up.

    Hint: If the merchant's info page says you'll get a "Reporting" account, that's BeFree...
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    Hi UncleJesse,

    Don't be sorry, questions are the only way you are going to learn.

    There are what we fondly call Indies (merchants who run their own affiliate programs) eg Amazon, Allposters etc...and then there are those who are with the big networks like CJ/BeFree, Linkshare, Performics. There are other smaller networks like the one Linda has and Shareasale. You will also find that some merchants are with more than one so you can decide which you would prefer to use.

    Not sure if there are any beginner tutorials - I think you kind of learn as you go.

    What I normally do is to decide what sort of merchants I want to fit my site, then do a search on google for affiliate and associate programs for those keywords, and see if I can find indies. I put them down on a list and then go to the big networks and do a search there again in those categories and then I visit all the merchant's sites to see if what they carry fits in with my site theme. I also do a search on abw to see if there are any comments (positive or negative) about the merchants, if they are associated with parasites...I also have a look at their terms - I think Amazon only has a 24hour cookie ie if your customer decides he'll wait till tomorrow before he buys, you've lost a sale...

    And then I join those that I shortlist - it's often not as easy as that, sometimes you can't find any merchants, other times, you only have 1...

    Good luck
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    Hi Jesse,
    What I normally do is use google to seach for the merchants official website and then look to see if they run or are part of an affiliate scheme, pretty easy and works fine, just as Oscar said above.

    Most serious merchants DO advertise that they have an affiliate scheme, just look closely for the links.


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    Thanks guys. I will start searching. This is way more fun then Biology! I think I was the wrong major

    What are these parasites I keep hearing about (I feel like this might open up a can of worms

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