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    I just found this on CJ maybe it is the reason my sales/clicks ratios have dropped by over 50%

    For Publishers

    Why was the keyword link developed?
    Commission Junction believes that a well-managed search marketing solution should also include the efforts of an advertiser's publisher base. For this reason and because we remain committed to the success of our publishers, the keyword link was designed to assist you with effectively communicating and promoting your advertiser's search programs.

    How can I use the keyword link to build upon and continually improve my search marketing efforts?
    The keyword link helps new relationships get off to a good start and facilitates the long-term success of existing relationships by providing publishers access to specific information regarding advertiser's preferred marketing message and keyword rules for search. To take advantage of this new feature, select Get Links from the CJ Account Manager interface and use the keyword link to quickly identify advertisers interested in having publishers promote their search programs.

    What are the keyword rules?

    Protected Keywords
    Keywords that the advertiser does not allow publishers to use in search marketing campaigns.

    Recommended Keywords
    Keywords that the advertiser recommends using in search marketing campaigns.

    Non-compete Keywords
    Keywords that the advertiser may be using in their own search marketing efforts and for which publishers should not intentionally outbid them.

    Learn more about the keyword link

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    I looked into this but am not completely sure what this is about. I interpret this as a special place to post Keyword Rules and Restrictions for PPC advertising.

    If someone else can provide more info on this, please do so. Otherwise, maybe I will try to search CJ's slooooow FAQ section or email them.
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    CheeseHead is correct. Advertisers can now specify keyword guidelines. CJ spiders your site to ensure that the content is in line with the PSA.
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    I think another reason CJ spiders your site is for the reporting of dead links.

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