I hope it is Ok to start a new thread about this. i feel as though this is a VERY important issue. I did not want it to get lost in the Grill Store thread.

I have always thought that having an 800 number on a merchants site was a commission losing feature. But I could never figure out what could be done about it until some of you brought up what Shareasale and naturehills does. Thanks for that VERY interesting info!!

I really hope that cj will look at this option for us and take it very seriously. In the end most people I think, would rather give their credit card info over the telephone verses online.

On a side note, I was looking at another affiliate program, an independent one, not through cj. It looked interesting but they not only had an 800 number for ordering, but they were offering a 20 dollar off coupon. But when you clicked on it, it said please call us on our toll free line or e-mail us to find out what products this coupon applies to. Now you tell me how many people when they are ready to order will wait for an e-mail reply!!