I'm seeing a strange trend with my eBay registrations over the past week; more of them are remaining inactivated than I've seen over the past 5 months.

For example, in October, I had 25 leads, 4 didn't turn up as active.

Here are my other monthly stats:

October: 4/25 failed.
November: 2/18 failed.
December: 1/20 failed.
January: 6/22 failed.
February: 6/24 failed.
March 1-25: 3/18 failed.

March 26-Apr 2: 6/7 failed. I even have a pair of transactions from late yesterday that are clearly a registration and a bid, but they haven't showed up yet. Although that could be from very delayed activation (like a 12 hour delay, which would be out-of-the norm for activation).

Granted, the last few days isn't a big sample size, but it's clear to me that things aren't working the way they used to.

I wonder if the recent code change is somehow affecting how our leads are getting activated?

Has anyone else noticed any change?