Wow, don't I look like the fool.. praising CJ's AAQ about not paying me.

Here's the rant:
I didn't get my payment on time for March.. why? Because I'm a Canadian with a US bank account and request Direct Deposit. Then, due to a silent policy change, they can't do that anymore.. even tho they've deposited into that account for at least 6 months. When I inquired as to where my money was, Garrett said I needed a list of things to comply with US direct deposit. I already had all these things, a US PO Box, and a US SSN. I changed my address, but of course you're not allowed to change your own country, so after about a week, that's changed for me. Then the money is withdrawn from my CJ account.. good, should be in my account the next day right? Nope. Another AAQ begins.

Where's my money?

"Money was withdrawn so that we could create your payment and have it ready to go when we do our next check run. WE should be mailing you a chck within the next week."

?? What the HELL is going on? I'm trying not to swear, but this type of idiocy has now made my mortgage payment late, given me and my family undue stress, and violated the terms CJ itself has stated by NOT paying on time.

I basically ended with, please forward this AAQ to someone who has the authority to make decisions today.

So levid.