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    Hi all, sorry if this is a newbie question, but for some reason the banners can't be found - i.e.

    doesn't seem to exist? Is this a current issue with CJ?

    Also, why doesn't their site's graphics work and why is there no default page at

    Thanks all,

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    January 18th, 2005

    I can see the banner just fine. Do you have Norton Internet Security or Kazaa on your computer? Both programs and some others block CJ banners. If you have Norton installed see this page for more info:

    If you don't have either of those programs installed, check your hosts file to see if the domain is blocked by some other program on your computer.

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    Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much for the reply! I've got kazaa installed... not for long!

    Thanks again,


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    kazaa, oh no!

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    >I've got kazaa installed... not for long!

    Kazaa or Kazaa Lite?

    Remove all the entries from your hosts file.

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    This is a little scary...

    I have kazaa lite installed...

    I'm about to email an AM - and I wanted to reference an earlier email - so I searched my computer hard drive for anything with his name in it.

    And there it was! In a data file in my Kazaa directory, dated 2/7/04.

    I open the file, and sure enough, his name was there. But how? But why in kazaa?

    Read the file closer, and it was a Linkshare Page from the "Your Account" category.

    And there were other pages showing that I tend to go to a lot.

    What the hec were they doing in a kazaa data file?

    My best guess is I downloaded a piece of music on 2/7 - while at the same time doing my affiliate work - and kazza recorded - and stored - the html of every page I visited!

    Wow! That's scary!!

    I already Uninstalled it!!

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