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    If Valueclick bought Befree, why is it that every other network that Valueclick has bought has adhered to a strict Net30 payment term structure set by the parent company but Befree is still out in no mans land?

    I just don't understand why it is that befree merchants tend to pay at will, sometimes 60-90 days after payment is due while Valueclick partners always pay monthly, period. Why is this tolerated at all?

    Does anyone else work directly with Valueclick? They never pay late, never. And no matter how many partners you pick up they always pay affiliates or publishers monthly with no exceptions.

    I sure hope that Befree is completely disolved into CJ very soon so at least we can get guaranteed a reasonable and consistent payment term. No other mainstream business would tolerate consistent late payments from their partners, why should affiliate marketing business do so?

    It is time to send a unanimous message to the networks so that things change once and for all.

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    VCLK Media is a different business model than BeFree. VCLK Media uses Insertion Orders (IO) and is handled as a media buy. Advertisers that used BFAST to run their affiliate programs set up their payment terms and these payments are handled as a cost of sales. The CJ Network is somewhere in between. Commission Junction (and VCLK) recognize how important timely payments are for publishers and we are working to improve payment options.
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    I supposed consolidation would be too traumatic, but there are so many commissions sitting in that system waiting to meet the minimum payout . . . . . . . .

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    Question. I have about 13 be free merchants, and when i signed up for a new one, there are sign up areas for both be free and cj, since I dropped cj completly, how will change my involvment withe merchants I already have. I use most of the ads in my websites?

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    Thanks Todd.

    I guess, ultimately even with a different structure the problem still lies in that it seems that Befree can not really enforce payment terms even if in fact they are set up by the merchants. In other words, merchants still don't pay on time and there doesn't seem to be any reasonable mechanism for enforcing payment terms.

    Unfortunately this really does leave affiliate business partners the ones left standing when the music stops. Whenever a merchant pays, is when they pay irregardless of there set terms they agreed upon.

    Mind you, there are large numbers of very responsible merchants at Befree and by no means am I implying that all fall in this delinquent cateogry but rather affiliates have little to no recourse against this few that do. If payments are consistantly late, we just have to bite the bullet.

    Perhaps a change in the business model for Befre or a complete merging of Befree into CJ would be the best overall scanario.

    In past purchases by Valueclick I have seen ( for exmaple) a vast improvement in payment terms. Can we look forward to a complete dissolution or merger of Befree merchants into the CJ interface in the coming months??? I realize you cannot make a firm official statement, but some idea would be nice.

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    Originally posted by ToddCrawford,
    .. Commission Junction (and VCLK) recognize how important timely payments are for publishers and we are working to improve payment options.

    HaHa! By implenting direct deposit changes WITHOUT informing affiliates and NOT PAYING by cheque until the affiliate complains? I still haven't received my march payment (supposedly sent by DHL over a week ago, after far too much hassle dealing with Yvette AND Garrett).

    Please, no other network has a problem direct depositing to Canadians with US Bank Accounts, so your statement was inaccurate.

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