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    I have a new merchant, actually the problem is with more than one merchant and it even happens with Linkshare merchants as well. I already dropped one from Linkshare because of this, because ALL their links were doing that.

    The links look fine on my site and they're all clickable. But if I click the links, it does go to their page, but THEIR site doesn't look right. Many of the pictures are replaced with small red X's.

    My boyfriend is seeing the same thing too. If you click on the properties of the red X on their site, it is a web bug. I don't know if it's just us and others see it right, but I don't like it.

    What are those and what's their function?

    Many of the empty pictures with the red X don't go anywhere and we get the message "page cannot be found", while other empty pictures with the red X load the page just fine although there is no picture to click on, only a red x, the web bug.

    I went directly to one of the merchants' site and clicked on all the pictures there and it all looks just fine. There are no problems at all, no red x's and no pages that don't load. The problems surface only if I go there from my links.

    I've never had that problem with my other merchants on my other website before. This new one is turning into a real nightmare! I changed the links a hundred times already and it keeps coming back, it never goes away.

    Is this confusing enough for you? Are you with me on this? LOL

    Is this a way for merchants to redirect links? Or are the links on the merchants' sites just bad links? I'm ready to drop them all right now! I just don't know what to think anymore. If customers click on a bunch of links that don't go anywhere, it won't take the whole page before they head in a different direction to a different site! I'm just glad it's a brand new site and not finished or ranked yet!

    Thanks a lot.


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    One more thing to add to this problem...

    I just clicked one of my links again and went to the page with all the little red x. It still got me nowhere. I came back to the merchant's page and click on "add to cart". In my browser, it showed my CJ ID number.

    Then I clicked on a red x again that went to "page cannot be found". On that page, it had the option to click the merchant's main site link where it says something like "did you mean....."

    I clicked the merchant's link, then I went "shopping" on their site. Every link I clicked to buy something, my CJ ID was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN like it had been in the browser when I went there directly from my link.



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    Could be a few things wrong.

    Maybe they are change servers.

    Make sure you empty your browser cache and history. :: Day Care For Your Brain

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    my CJ ID was NOWHERE TO BE SEEN like it had been in the browser when I went there directly from my link.

    Your tracking id is stored either as a cookie on the client's computer or as a variable in the merchant's database. It is not carried through each page as a parameter. You should not see the cookie after the first click.

    It would be too easy to lose the cookie if it were carried through as a parameter!!!

    You are right, it is extremely easy for a merchant to detach the affiliate tag from the sale. You have to trust that the merchant is reading and processing the cookies, or that their session tracking mechanism is reliable.

    If ever you do a "test purchase" on a merchant and you do get the commission, please come on to test purchase page of this site and scream bloody murder.

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    I assume you meant 'don't get the commission'

    It so happens that of the last two links I tested, neither tracked correctly.

    Both due to merchant error.

    It makes you wonder...

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