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    I'm pretty sure the real player is a spyware app. What are the implications for promoting Real Rhapsody or Real Arcade? I haven't tried them yet because I am opposed to promoting spyware players. Has anyone done any objective cost-benefit analysis on promoting an advertiser that employs spyware?

    I wouldn't promote one because I detest the practice which I feel is tantamount to online theft.

    I also saw that Consumer Guide is a new CJ advertiser. Is the Consumer Guide toolbar also spyware?

    Wish we could all do something together to promote some tough, new anti-spyware legislation.

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    I'm pretty sure the real player is a spyware app.

    I'm interested in hearing on what evidence you base this statement. I've seen crap like Gator advertised on it and got a nasty parasite from Speed Blaster/TotalVelocity Memory Meter from some ad I tried to close.

    I've never seen or heard any evidence that Real Player itself is spyware. What have you got?


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    Actually, I have no hard evidence that Realplayer is a spyware app. Hopefully this is only from reading what are likely erroneous search results.

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    It's full of crap, and the older versions definitely had nasties in it that get installed no matter what.

    I don't think there's currently any spyware (although I'm pretty certain that they have collected personal information in the past) but it tries to install so much unwanted stuff that it's a real (hahah) hazard. I never use it now.
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