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    Is it necessary to post all of the sites I plan on using with CJ merchants in my CJ profile? Or is it ok just to leave my main site posted in my profile? Any advantages/disadvantages?

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    Not really necessary but it's nice to know which sites are producing sales and which aren't.

    If you have two sites and spend 90% of your time working on one, and 10% of your time working on the other, and the one you spend 10% on is generating 90% of your revenue, you will know to make the appropriate adjustment to where you apply your effort.

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    Just like Chief_Beef said, if you want to know where the sales are coming from, you'll put them in.

    It's nice to see what is performing, and what is not. If I have a sudden increase in sales, I can see exactly where it comes from.

    When you have the sites listed, and you go to make links, there will be a drop-down menu in the pop-up box listing your registered sites. Your publisher ID changes in the links depending on which one you select.

    Good luck.


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    If you've got multiple sites registered at CJ as I do, what publisher ID is used in CJ datafeeds?

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    I do nearly all of mine under one account. There are some advantages to adding your domains. ONe big one would be for merchants to consider you they might need to know you have a site specific to their needs. I miss out on a few because of that reason but all it takes is an email to fix it up. My biggest reason for not adding all of my domains is they never delete them and it's a long list of uglies after a while. I asked Todd if he could look into fixing that problem. Hopefully they will someday.

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    I add a website record for each site, but I do not use the websites URL. I use one main URL, and give a unique name to each website. My issue was that I did not want all of my merchants to know about all of my sites. A merchant can see the entire list for any affiliate that has joined their program. That is too much info.

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    I used to have a bunch of different sites listed; but I switched to having just one site. It makes things at CJ go alot faster not having to go through all the different choices that You have to go through with multiple sites.

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    As for datafeeds, CJ sets the PID from one of your sites to populate the datafeed. To make it site specific, just replace the default PID with the PID for the site for which you are using that datafeed.
    I was once told that CJ reserves the right to boot you if your links aren't on the site that they have on record for that PID.

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