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    I am very curious to know the differances between linkshare and commission junction? cld u help me out>.? Also the differnace between CJ vantage and CJ access..NO idea abt what actually they are and how are they benefiacial for the merchants>

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    From what I read all over ABW, CJ. has more merchants to chose from and always pays on time but, I guess others here may give you more detailed info.


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    With CJ no matter how many merchants you've joined, you'll get one consolidated monthly payment that includes commissions earned all added together (as long as you've reached the $25 minimum. (you can get a check faster this way)

    With Linkshare you have to receive individual payments per merchant you're advertising for as soon as you've reached the minimum set per merchant.

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    CJ's search engine works which is a great plus in my book... Linkshare has great merchants but it's hard to find what You're looking for and get things done... CJ has better tools.

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    and Share a Sale won't push parasites on merchants because they're 100% parasite free...


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    I, humbly, think this subject of the question, or the question of the subject whichever way you look at it makes no good-sense.

    Both CJ and Linkshare are big affiliate networks and they have their own ways of conducting business. In general, both networks provide similar tools and options and as in every other competitive arena, some in business would favor one network and some the other.

    This is all subjective. If you can learn affiliate marketing and becoma a productive / constructive part of it, you will understand what exactly the difference is.

    On a somewhat related subject, The question for one to ask ones self is, how one would survive in a business governed by the laws of wild wild west.

    In wild wild west, there is no barrier to entry but in order to survive, one needs to take caution and be prepared.

    As for myself, I try to avoid "letting things happen" and try to be creative in order to stay well and alive.

    And yeah... ALL AFFILIATE PROGRAMS are FREE to JOIN!!! Make a lot of money with your website!!! Our top affiliate (i.e. the guy who stole your browser) is making a zillion dollar every month!!

    Next time I hear FREE, I will think three times again and over.

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