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    Last Saturday I make a big sale and get a big commission added to my account total.

    Yesterday Monday morning all my money it's still there.

    Yesterday in the afternoon I go to check my stats and noticed that the big commission is gone from the front page, so I went and do a transaction report for this month and see that the money is there and said (Locked) in (RED) ... but since it's the 10th of the month and I don't see nothing that says Reversal, I think positive and log out.

    Last night I can't take that RED color out of my mind and I go back to check on my stats thinking that by then I would see something different but everything is the same so, I came here to ABW.

    I wanted to ask anybody about the Reversals and the (locked amount) in (RED) but, I didn't know how to ask all the questions I had in one post so I decided to search ABW for my answers.

    After about 3 hours of searching with various keywords and reading many old posts from one and two years ago, I learned more than I wanted to know about many things.

    I came across this post:

    posted July 07, 2003 08:52 AM
    Sorry to say it is reversals, you can check the reason why for each reversal by clicking: "Transaction" number on the right.


    I was afraid to go back and check my transaction report for this month again but I did anyway.

    I had never clicked on the "Transaction" number on the right before, what a surprise, my big sale was Reversed - Correction Reason - Invalid Credit Card. , oh well... I understand that's a good reason to Reverse the sale.

    While I was there, I decided to check all the transaction reports for the last four months, only to discover that I had a few Reversals that I never noticed before since nowhere on those monthly reports is the word (Reversed, Reversals, Canceled) unless you click on the "Transaction" number on the right.

    Some of the reason are:
    Correction Reason - Returned Merchandise
    Correction Reason - Can't Ship/Sold Out
    Correction Reason - Other

    The Correction Reason - Can't Ship/Sold Out is the one that is getting on my nerves, especially because is from one of my (no longer) favorites merchants.

    What kind of reason is that, if they sold out or can't ship to an address, don't they suppose to know that at the time of making the sale and not a few days later?, don't they verified the address and checked their inventory on their computer before they take the order?

    It's 5:00 AM so I should go to bed and dream in RED today, specially on my 600 post too.


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    Maybe thats why cj decided to not show the merchants reversal rates to affiliates anymore. They were concerned that we might not rest easy!

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