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    January 18th, 2005
    Boy, am I frustrated.

    I replaced my links with links for Canadian visitors. The first day I did this, I saw several bids come through. I've tested the links (posing as a Canadian) and everything seems to work fine.

    Problem is, about 3 days ago, bids dropped off completely. I still get one or two per day, but based on tracking I've done before the switch, I should easily be getting 10-12 bids per day.

    I was in a dialogue with CJ, and their response was basically, "there's nothing wrong with tracking, contact for the three bids you placed that didn't show up".

    I sent them the URL to the 1x1 tracking pixel from bid page, I told them exactly what to look for, but they closed the issue.

    It is literally like talking to a wall.

    Is anyone else using, and have you noticed any problems? I'm using the editor kit, the impressions and clicks are tracking, but no bids are showing up, even when I make them myself.

    Ralph Slate

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    January 18th, 2005
    P.S., I just redid my links in hopes that it will solve the problem. Can anyone analyze these two 1x1 tracking codes (one from my work PC, one from my home PC) to tell me if either PC is infected with a parasite? They are clearly different codes. Is there a way to tell that two different parties are getting the commission here?;4130739917


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