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    Now that The UK is almost Parasiteware free bar two affiliate networks. Google has thrown whenu out ofthere system, all be it for SEO spamming. Shareasale want nothing to do with these kind of publishers. Publishers in general have been complaining to CJ, our visitors hate pop ups and anything that will obstruct the web page that they are looking at. I thought the USA was a democracy, surely CJ must take into account the wishes of their users?. If Shareasale were to develope some software that enabled them to steal commissions from your bank account to aid their own, I could see a legal case. The fact that the revenue is kept within the network, I could see how you would like to ignore that! How ever, you are a middleman/woman is it not your duty to listen to both parties instead of re-writing your terms and conditions. CJ if you reject parasiteware, think of the almighty PR you would get for it! Think about the 1000's of new advertisers, new publishers and all that good Press and praise. Parasiteware has had its day, most of the UK Merchants are wising up and jumping ship to a parasite free network. Do the right thing, please

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    Democracy does not apply to the corporate world!

    The all-mighty dollar rules for many, unfortunately at the expense of ethics.
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