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    January 17th, 2005
    Goto was good to me - but since the new rules it's been a pain to get listed... having tried findwhat before I got lots of click throughs but not many sales (unlike goto)

    So - be honest with me! In light of the fact Excite now carries their listings...

    DO you get a good return of investment?

    HAVE you seen an increase of sales?

    Honesty please [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    [ damn - posted this in the wrong forum - can you move it? :P ]

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    I get a little traffic from FindWhat, but not much. You need to be the #1 listing in the category to get traffic.

    Plus their approval process for new listings takes forever.

    On the other hand, clicks are a lot cheaper than Oversure/Goto. A 1 cent click is always going to be at least 4 cents cheaper than Goto.

    I used Kanoodle too, which is easier to get listed on, still quite cheap but only generates a fraction of Goto's traffic.

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    I never list in the top position unless I can take it for a cent or two, but I still get fairly good traffic from FW--about 1/3 of what OverSure sends, which isn't too pathetic considering that Ah-Ha sends only a miniscule amount (in the hundreds of hits as opposed to thousands).

    It's a good return on investment--better than OverSure at their 5c min. CR varies by category. Some categories do better at FW and some do better at Over. I think they attract different groups of traffic.

    At OverSure, the more partnerships they get the more dud clicks I get (CR drops). So FindWhat's Excite deal may be what's causing those UNexciting CR results...I'm not too familiar with Excite's setup, but if those viewers are used to finding content sites on the other end of links, they are not nearly as likely to convert as the people who go directly to a PPC with the understanding that Commercial Advertisers are what they will find.

    Hopefully FW will not bow to any demands to act like OverSure!

    As for the lenghth of time for the review, it's been running a little less than a week for me to get in. It beats having the NO notice come back from Over, even if Over says it faster!

    I MOVED THIS TOPIC TO "BUILDING SITE TRAFFIC" after noticing the Move Request and which forum THIS is...

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