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    January 18th, 2005
    I really appreciate CJ adding the new linking options. However, when you have advertisers like couponclearinghouse (more of an affiliate than an advertiser) redirecting our links to their offers page, then I have to ask, what is the point?

    scroll down the page of the link I provide here, and click on their link to see what I mean. I have the link edited to take visitors to the page where they can begin the ordering process to buy a coupon savings book, but instead get redirected to an offers page. Link

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    January 18th, 2005
    What's worse is that I no longer get shown new offers on my main page.
    I am based in Aust, but every page I have (& EVERY page I have is a revenue page directed at a US audience for US merchants's which are hosted with my US host with paid & free traffic from US search engines) is for the US.
    Now I am forced to only view "New Advertisers Servicing your Region" as CJ puts it.
    I now have a piddley little list of only offers that are good for Aust.
    I don't give a damn about the Aust. internet community just yet.
    • Population. 287mill vs 20mill
    • Aust's current reluctance to buy online
    • very small list of Aust search engines (that anyone in decent numbers uses)[/list]I actually found one Australian merchant on here one day (not counting yowie collection who have now left) who offered some service to change your address for you when you move house ?!?!? what the?
      So everything I do, I do it for U(s) ..(in my best Bryan Adams voice)

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    Big Chuck, you just got yerself a bummer of a merchant. I got a pop-over for over the redirected page that your redirected link got redirected to, then when I closed one window, I'm not sure how many little critter pop-ups tried to git me, I done x-ed 'em as fast as porssible.

    I like the new links, cuz for my merchants, they get my visitors where I told them they were going, not to yet another home page to click through to get to the actual purchase.

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    Where do you thinks all the PPC "kiddie scripters" went? They now come out from under their rocks and pose as merchants on the newer networks or CJ. Just like diversion tactics by the majors these so called revenue opportunities are designed to pad ONE pocket..theirs! Scumware with a twist and a PR spin to entice the newbee affiliate and the unwary.

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