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    Hi there,

    I recently signed up for CJ. Is there a reason that more CJ Merchants don't have a forum here? There seem to be a ton of Merchants that pay out high EPCs, but no information on them here?

    Insight is appreciated

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    They have a invitation only forums for big affiliates at CJ. That might be the reason.

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    I can tell you as a big affiliate, that sometimes you have so many deadlines and constraints on you with everything else that you dont have time for this. While in my opinion if affiliate marketing were a body A Best would be its spine, unfortunately its about squeezing everything else you need to into your days.

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    A lot of affiliate managers can't take the heat about problems w/ their program, or they have something to hide. Others may be cheap, not know about abw, or just not very bright :P
    Some others, like eBay, have their own discussion boards...
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    Recruit the ones you want to have a forum - you get 20% commission.
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