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    I used to show sales every month for this CJ merchnat and all of a sudden in February 2004 all sales ceased. I look over there site and now see the culpret was one Bonsai Boys also took to divert affiliate sales. HUGE 1-800# banners with action calls on top of every page to place more orders to a non-commissioned call center.

    Obviously I need some way to over come this diversion but they don't offer individual product links to focus landing pages on some great buys.
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    Okay it looks like there is a limit after all, and that place has crossed it!

    When I talked about selling despite an 800 number, I was talking about when the merchant has it like in that button ad (just the number). Prominent, but not all that enticing when a person has decided to buy online. And not giant call-to-action advertisements.

    For a lot of product types, even those giant ads may not get many customers over to the call center. But I would think that most average-Joe-and-Joann type people have questions about buying blinds or installing wallpaper, so in this case it's probably causing a significant bleed-off.

    they don't offer individual product links

    The ads are on every page so that wouldn't help enough, or at least not for this type of products. Plus there are a lot of questions to be answered before buying blinds even if the person knows exactly what look they want. Is the size right? Do they need extenders? Should they get 8-guage or 10? Metal or vinyl? (Yes I have recently been doing actual shopping for blinds.)

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    Two points:

    1) these are not banners for their affiliate program, they are creative on their landing pages.

    2) a product catalog should be available in a few weeks.
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    One point:

    Merchants with diversionary tactics get dumped.

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    I hope those phones are ringing from traffic they generate on their own, because they have slapped their affiliate publishers in the face by placing those atop every page.
    I would suggest they save their time in setting up a product catalog because nobody in their right mind would use it.
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    Another point:

    Tactics like this are solely to remove the affiliate commission from the picture. Blantant banners like this are not necessary for a company to provide good customer service.

    Dump 'em! Tell them they can save their time and energy in rolling out that product catalog. No one will need it!


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    If their product catalog is in the form of a datafeed I'm not spending $250 for the privelige of them paying for their 1-800 number with my lost commissions anyway.

    If I can promote them for free the least they can do is furnish the datafeed to do it with for free.

    which maybe they will, I really don't know anything about them so what do I know!

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