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    I was wondering if anybody has used Coffee Cup software (or similar advertisers) who offer a free download/30 day trial before purchase is necessary. I've recently added them so I don't have any sales, however, I'm worried about not getting credit for sales when the person downloads the software and makes the purchase at a later time. Is this something I should be worried about?

    Tom Pyles

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    As you know I have links to them here but, now that I look at them ...

    ... many of the 7 day EPCs are $0.00, other links have a three month EPC and 7 day EPC of $0.00, so it does raise some serious concerns, NO? :eek:


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    IMO, 30 day downloads are deal-killers. And this comes from my site with tons of traffic (it's a free service), not ecom site.

    The majority of sales that particular site produces are software CDs and I can tell you, having sold thousands of dollars of CDs over the past several years, that I have only ONCE sold a program with a 30 day download (while I have provided thousands of downloads of such programs).

    OTOH, programs that have freebies which complement their main program seem to do well.

    (NOTE: the one time 30day trial where I did get a sale was a CoffeeCup product. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    Thanks for the feedback guys...Haiko, you are correct...I was looking at this stat when I decided to add it:
    Network Earnings
    3 month EPC $2.68 (view trend)
    7 day EPC $3.73
    Charge-back percent 10.60% (view trend)

    Not that great, but it is better than many of the advertisers I've come across...With the clients we serve, it would be a great resource to use. I usually don't recommend editors like theirs (can't stand press this button and your site is made for you), however, there are a few features in it that I use frequently. Same with the other products they offer.

    Thanks for pointing out your stats with downloadables...I'm going to try it out a little and see what happens...I wish there were more options with advertisers like this, perhaps we would see better results...

    Tom Pyles

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