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    Hello -

    With WebVitamins, I see a great commission at 12%, and very good EPC, but it seems that the product links from the datafeed do not go to the product detail page on the WebVitamins site, but rather are redirected to the homepage.

    What is the deal with that? I am promoting them on my site (which is new and not indexed in the SE's yet), and just realized that all product links go to the homepage instead of the product detail page.

    Does anyone else promote them and know if this will ever be fixed?



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    far far away....
    a better option is evitamins!!!!!!!
    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Who gives a sh#t whre WV links lead to!!! Tracking tested and guess what?. !!! That's what!!!

    Try eVitamins. eVitamins has earned Chief Beef's "Two Hoofs Up" squeal of approval for A) test purchase tracked, reported, paid and B) good customer service!

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    Hello -

    Yeah, I use E-Vitamins too. I like to have my lines in multiple ponds!

    I chose Web Vitamins because I heard good things from Leader, and there EPC on CJ looks great...but the damn links don't go to the individual product pages!

    If anyone has any other experiences/ideas or the contact info for the AM. I have a hard time believing their EPC is up so high when the damn links don't go to the proper product page.

    What the hell here!


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