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    Todd, CJ

    I would like to share with you and others my communications with Mark Haswell of PestPatrol Affiliate Progam Manager.

    I sent an email, pardon me for not copy and pasting everything but the jest of the conversation is this: My request for info to Pestpatrol...

    I have, and you list CJ, BF, Linshare and many others that I use for Affiliate network links for commission. Yours "Zonelabs" is included. So aren't you defeating the purpose of affiliate programs thru these networks?

    His Reply:

    It's not our intent to defeat the purpose of affiliate programs; our intent is to detect any software or code that meets our current definition of spyware. In some cases, the programs we detect are commercial tools - like a tracking cookie, or a remote network admin tool. We have a process in place that allows vendors of those tools, if we detect them, to challenge our detection - and in many cases we remove them for our detection.

    Are you working with these guys to get things working right for our tracking cookies with CJ?

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    Do you expect CJ to defend WhenU too?

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    If Yahoo tool bar disables CJ tracking cookies, I strongly suggest everyone take a long hard look at the alternatives.
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    yahoo is an affiliate merchant. if they do that, that would be fraud worthy of being complained to the FTC.

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    The Swamp
    Yahoo's toolbar is NOT detecting or removing ANY cookies at this time.

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    Mrs. B...But PestPatrol does, and it is embedded in many software tools, like firewalls and anti-virus software.

    I use PestPatrol, I think it's a great product, however as an affiliate it's not so great.

    I've tested it and it sure does delete cookies, especially tracking cookies. Unless the person using Pestpatrol excludes the cookier, my affiliate links are effected.

    There is a way for CJ, Linshare and others can get removed from this spyware/adware description. If you looked at their list 3 months ago you would of found MSN, Yahoo, Looksmart, ABC news, Cnn news...etc. They are not there today.

    So I believe things can be worked out with the affiliate networks and Pestpatrol, Norton etc.

    I'm not sure if the affiliate networks are aware of how to do it. Considering Todd made remarks like he didn't know anything about and wasn't going to waste his time on interpretation here..

    The toolbars where an issue because they can track how surfers use their sites.

    The Ad Blockers came up because people get tired of advertising and windows poping up as they try to use the internet. I agree with them, but I'm also on the other end too, I've used the popup ad from CJ.

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