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    I had $200 comissions reversed! Month after month, always invalid credit card??? I'm puzzled, if people are using fake credit card to buy isn't that fraud and the police should be notified so the perpetrators can be caught? I have a funny feeling about this. I am going to test them with genuine customers who go through my site. What can i do if found out that they are simply reversing big commissions just to boost their profits?

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    Racerwheel is a joke... I'd just give up on them if I were you... actually, that's exactly what I did after contacting them time and time again and suggested several times that they come here & hopefully learn something... They really don't give a rats ass.
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    Avoid Racerwheel
    After having a big commission voided by Racerwheel I decided to check all past commissions with them. I couldn't find a single one that wasn't extended and subsequently voided.

    It's really my fault for not keeping a closer eye on things but EVERYONE STAY CLEAR OF RACERWHEEL. I tried sending multiple emails to give them the opportunity to explain, all went unanswered. They are the worst merchant I have run into on CJ and are simply thieves in my opinion.

    There are quite a few merchants across CJ and the other networks that offer the same products.

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