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    It's not clicks it's impressions. I seriously did not know this until today. It says clicks but that is a lie. Why does CJ make this say clicks? Is it a way of advertising to get affiliates to rejoin merchants they previously dropped?

    BTW if I am wrong on this than there is a much more serious problem with reporting. I generated more invalid clicks in the last hour or two than I did all day on regular clicks from the same merchants.

    What I did was drop a lot of low epc merchants a couple of hours ago. I checked through the home page and it says I had tons of invalid clicks.

    Either that is not true or these merchants weren't reporting the last few months.

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    some cj merchants drop an ad only to re-issue it with another id #

    that way, the ad you are using is 'invalid' and they have an excuse not to pay in the event you generate a sale - slick, hey?

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    You are both wrong.

    web_novice - expired links still track commissions.

    heyder - it is my understanding that an invlaid link generating clicks can be one of the following: deactivated advertiser links, invalid affiliation (you are no longer joined to an advertisers).

    If you use the help section, you can look this stuff up:

    Invalid Links Generating Traffic

    List of links that have been expired or are referencing advertisers that are no longer active in the Commission Junction Network. These links are usually associated with advertisers that have rejected you from their program, been dropped by you, or been deactivated from the Commission Junction Network. Expired links continue to track and generate commissions; however, links from advertisers no longer active in the Network will not generate commissions. This list can also include links that reference a web site (represented by the PID number) that is either invalid in the network or has been deleted from your account.

    The "Invalid links generating traffic" report displays the following fields to assist you in identifying invalid links and any related maintenance tasks that may be required.

    Link: The type of link will display, along with a sample of the link content where possible.

    Link ID: Clicking this link pops up the Link Detail window, in which you can view more detailed information and statistics.

    Advertiser: The advertiser associated with the invalid link displays here, along with their current status in the network.

    Affiliation Status: Your relationship with the advertiser (“Advertiser Expired”, etc.) displays.

    Referring URL: The URL at which the link was clicked displays.

    Clicks: This number indicates the number of times users have clicked the link on your site.

    To get details about the reason for the invalid status of the link, click the link in the Link ID column.
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    web_novice - expired links still track commissions.

    They track ONLY IF the merchant decides to stop excluding them.

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