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    In CJ, it's relatetively hard to make an affiliate link to a specific product compares to bf, and linkshare. Anyone knows an easy way to solve this problem? Can I do the following? e.g. my affilate link to eCost home page is:
    If I find a product at eCost. Can I just do the following?
    I try to do this and it let link to the any product page, I just not sure if the system will recognize it.

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    Some of the merchants allow for you to do that by using advanced options. For example, pick a generic link in the interface, any one. Then if you see advanced options click on that. If the merchant allows for this you may then see a box where you can put in a new url, not the SID box. Put in the exact url to the page that you want Then you click and you have a direct link to the product that you want.

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    thank you! It works great!!!

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    I had a merchant that I would have loved to have this type of deep linking ability to use on my site. I emailed them thru the CJ interface (I should have known better than do that,) and after some back and forth emails, they added this fuctionality to their program.

    So the moral of this story, boys and girls, you never know if you can have something, unless you ask.

    That, and it's great to have an AM who will communicate
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