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    Hello, I am new to affiliate marketing and there's a term that I'm sure is obvious that I simply don't understand. Here's the question that was posed to me "Also have a question about SID (as in Commission Junction) tracking. Basically it is an extra
    parameter (page name, member id etc.) which we will pass with your URL. That ID is then reported in
    the sales reports. Do you support anything like that?" We don't use Commission Junction, but don't other programs do this same thing?
    Thanks for the help.

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    I know Shareasale offers an "afftrack" option that allows us to specifically track sales. Not sure about programs.

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    Hi Lendsey,

    SID = Seller Identification

    It is a variable that is passed at the point of sale that allows an affiliate to add information that enables him her to identify a transaction that has resulted from a click-through from that particular link in his sales reports.

    For example: I run data feed and I feed an abbreviation for the originating site plus the product name with that variable so that when sales appear in my transaction reports I know:

    A.) The originating Site
    B.) The exact product

    Hope that clears it up,


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    You should contact your technology provider (myreferer) and ask them this question.
    Todd Crawford
    Co-Founder, Impact Radius

    Give me a minute before I post again

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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the information, that clears it up for me. What a great resource!

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