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    This is for brandsplace
    Cookie Duration: 1827 days
    Batch Process Transactions: No Network Performance
    Network Earnings
    3 month EPC $0.28 (view trend)
    7 day EPC $16.23
    Charge-back percent 97.20% (view trend)
    I have found many more like them! How the heck can they have that high of a charge-back% without CJ Fraud looking into it?

    How about others that have a 0.0 7day epc?
    Yes I realize it is my responsibilty to check this kind of stuff out, but why does CJ allow this to continue? They are the trusted 3rd party and they allow merchants like this to continue on merrily ripping off affilates! Surely in this day and age of computer programing, something should be in place to catch this kind of stuff. Shouldn't CJ have some kind of a red flag that comes up when merchants charge backs go beyond a certain %? Sorry for the ranting, but this disturbs me. If this belongs in a different forum please move it.
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    Good topic and merchant study for the new Merchant Watch site. Here comes the "secret shopper" to see if these are true reversals.

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