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    Once again, we have to pay for CJ mistakes.
    How much should I charge you, CJ?
    I've pages of reversed transactions due to non-payment by WineAccents.
    I didn't put back any link to WineAccents last time they were back. I knew something was wrong with them. My reversed transactions are from April. They did accept them back after they were deactivated for no payment.

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    Usually I would have ripped links for a place like that long before, since I saw it coming, but they'd always managed to come up with it so I delayed more than I normally would.

    Still, I'm not surprised--I knew that eventually their figures would turn red, so when the SE listings of those pages started to drop, I let it happen without making any attempts to re-SEO those pages.

    I can't go full flames on this one, after all, I did see it coming with this particular merchant and decided to gamble on the "when." I usually would NOT gamble that way, but the stuff sold pretty well and they had ended up paying before, so I made a rare exception.

    But still, I think it would have been darned hard for anyone who hadn't been watching WA for years to spot it coming.

    I think at the very least, merchants should have a stat showing how many times they've been deactivated in the last 2-3 years for slow payments. There should be enough information that even a new signup can make a proper, informed decision as to whether to take the gamble with a merchant or not!
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    Affiliates should be notified each and every time ANY merchant goes into the hole!
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    I know the risks associated with affiliate marketing and I don't have a problem as long as everybody is playing within the rules.
    What I don't like is when one of the parties is changing the rules without telling the others.
    One of the positive points of CJ was the escrow account for each merchant. It was a protection for the affiliate. Now, CJ is extending credit to whoever they want without telling us. We need to know the status for each merchant. Shareasale is doing it.

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    I couldn't agree more. CJ needs to let us know when they're extending credit to merchants ON OUR BEHALF.

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    Actually CJ provides us an early warning about the advertisers’ financial problem in the form of extended transactions due to non-payment custom reports. When a merchant appears in this reports, I start pulling all kind of promotions no matter how well its conversion not to wait until deactivated.

    The problem is that the warning only useful for publishers who have unpaid sale(s) from this deadbeat merchant. For the other publishers, either are interested in and starting to join or have already been affiliated with and are struggling for their first sale, something like in their unawareness being encouraged to share the merchant’s funeral cost. It would be helpful if CJ would provide a flag on the advertiser details for the merchants who extend transactions due to non-payment.
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