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    I, like a few others have seen EPC up yet earnings down. This is my theory as to why:

    Visitors with music-sharing thiefware that blocks CJ ads (and prevents click-thrus) also are more likely to have BHO's that will steal commissions on click-thrus. Those without the ad blockers are less likely to have BHO's and thus conversion rates go up, however number of click-thrus goes down. Just a theory - correct me if I am wrong on this.
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    What is BHO's?

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    BHO stands for Browser Helper Object.

    If you've ever had something like Comet Cursor installed on your computer (I have, without even having said yes to its installation) ...then you have an example of what a BHO is.

    The creators of BHOs are much more interested in helping themselves to your browser and computer, than helping you gain better browser enjoyment ...and many times helping themselves to many of what would be our commissions as merchant affiliates, when a sales transaction is done on a computer they have in effect taken hostage.

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    I never heard of BHO so I did a find file search. Well 50 BHO's showed up. I deleted them all. In all of them it looked as though someone elses linkshare affiliate id was imbedded in the link. (Two different ones) I hope that by deleting them they are really off of my computer. I wonder how many linkshare sales I lost over this, if any????

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