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    I was contacted by a CJ rep (by phone) who wishes for me to have a 3-way call with the pres and CEO of ClassicCloseouts? My reaction: What tha?

    I was asked what I needed to sell. My first response was no adware affiliates. ClassicCloseouts is affiliated with BoxTops4Education as I found out today. The CJ guy was at least honest about this.

    What should I do?
    Note: My shopping site really $ucks but I do great in leads so my EPC is good.
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    CheeseHead, Sending you a private message in a minute about Classic Closeouts...

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    I was also contacted by a CJ rep wanting to set up a phone call. The next thing on my list was to check and see if they had any relationships with paras prior to this phone call. Thanks for the tip on BoxTops4Education one less that I have to check. I also recall a post not sure if it was on ABW or google about problems filling customers orders or something to that effect. I think I am going to pass on this when the guy from CJ calls back to set up the call.
    I found the thread!
    Does not look to good.

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    Why pass on an opportunity to have your voice heard? Sure, it may go in one ear and out the other, but then again, maybe it won't.

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    I talked myself blue in the face with a CJ account rep about parasite issues and the end result was him telling me that his boss said, "MyPoints isn't a parasite as they don't overwrite cookies. Ebates isn't a parasite, they don't overwrite cookies either."

    I used the analogy of a sales rep from Hertz soliciting business in an Avis lobby. I asked if he thought that was an acceptable business practice, and if Avis should tolerate such behavior. He seemed convinced...until he had that conversation with his boss. I'm not likely to waste my breath on this subject with CJ account reps ever again, but don't let that stop you from trying.

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