What is the best redirect method that affiliates can use with CJ merchants that allow us to count the clickthrus ourselves? CGI script redirects with ? and = signs in the string. Html meta tag redirects with robots nofollow in the header? Some search engines follow some redirects and list the destination page content as being on the page that it left from. That can't be good but sounds more like a search engine that refuses to follow orders problem to me.

Or, is there another way that affiliates can count there own click thrus without having to use any redirecting? For any affiliate to not keep his own data on clickthrus just seems like bad business to me. For a merchant to try and deny an affiliate his own tools on his own website that he needs to better analyse his traffic to be more productive and effective is shear one sided narrow mindedness. They want to be able to count clicks, they seem to think its ok if CJ counts clicks but some don't seem to feel that affiliates have a need or the right to count their own clicks.

Makes you wonder if someone has something to hide, why would anyone care unless they're worried about my clicks not matching what they're reporting? Do they want traffic or do they want to micro manage my website? Until that vistor lands on their site its my visitor and not theirs. I need to know what they are clicking on and how often without having to rely on stranger and blind faith to let me know, thats no way to run a business is it?

I think the clarafication of redirect may help, some seem to think that any redirect by any affiliate is evil sneaky and somehow wrong. All I want to do is count my clickthrus and if redirects is the only way to do it then any merchant that don't like it can be lived without. But if theres another way thats fairly simple to implement please let me know.

Anyway, whats the best way for affiliates to count their own clicks in your opinion without ruffling too many feathers on the other side? Thanks