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    Got a few messages from CJ & other network merchants with subjects such as "[SPAM] June Update - New Commissions & Passion of the Christ" from the Family Christian Store. Also received similarly designated messages from Blair & Hat World/Lids.

    I'm wondering if my spam filter in Mozilla/Netscape is adding the [Spam] to the beginning of the subject or if merchants are pre-labeling their messages in this wierd way.


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    Hi Wayne

    I bet that is what is happening. One of my clients webmail adds [SPAM] to all incoming email subject lines.. its goofy and annoying but that is what happens.
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    I have Mailwasher and it doesn't flag spam that way. However I've received so many spam messages recently with the word "Christian" in them that I suspect it's going to be flagged as a spammy word pretty soon.

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    My server has a spam filter that does exactly this. It is marking lots of non-spam as spam, but most of the spam is marked too. It is set up this way so that if you WANT to create a filter or whatever it is that Outlook calls it, you can. I don't have it going to a special folder, I just use it as a guide.
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    I got the same e-mail, but it was not marked as SPAM in the subject line. It's gotta be your mail program.

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