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    What follows is a post from a non-marketing forum at the site run by a large hobby magazine. It demonstrates the misconceptions of cookies and how Spybot & other spyware detector/cleaning programs help spread the misconceptions.

    I'd be interested in hearing if CJ is doing anything to deal with this. While I like Spybot, they need to do a better job of defining what they are labeling "problems." They do a disservice to users by causing confusion & unneeded fear as demonstrated below:

    "You might also ask him why [Magazine Name] has put "commmission junction" tracking adware /spyware on everyone of our PCs. Look at and look for the link to some of their most important accounts - [Magazine Name]is proudly listed! This is a tracking software that is used by publishers to determine where you go on the internet, gathers private info about you, and then slams you with spam, slows down your computer, etc. It attaches to your various files and should be removed everytime you get on the internet.

    If you have Spybot S&D look for the referenced "commission junction" spyware/adware name to pop up whenever you 'check for problems w/ Spybot S&D."

    I can't blame the person who posted this. A program that is often recommended as effective & trustworthy calls the network cookies "problem" with no differentiation between them & scumware like nCase and the slew of spyware programs.


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    I don't know anything about this stuff Wayne but could the fact that CJ spider our sites have anything to do with it?

    They must be keeping some form of data without our permission or they would not need spider our sites, I'm guessing it must have something to do with it seeing as it was ok before they started with the spider tactics

    BTW. could anybody tell me how to ban the CJ spider from my sites please? I want to see what happens if anything.
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    The people that post on that forum aren't website owners or affiliate marketers for the most part. I think this is just the typical cookie that gets set when you click on a link, or perhaps by the cookie-stuffers that plague us. Spybot S&D turns up cookies from CJ, BFree & Linkshare and labels them as "problems" just as if they were a drive-by download of Gator or nCase, the real "problems."

    People unfamiliar with the stuff we deal with, which is nearly every computer user, would see CJ's cookie as an evil thing to be cleaned by Spybot. After the post appeared, I did my best to explain what CJ's cookies mean and that is is not spyware, but subsequent "me-too" posts about finding CJ cookies using spyware programs tells me that it is a common perception that CJ cookies equal Spyware.

    If Claria/Gator can intimidate websites into not calling its crap "spyware" why can't CJ convince Spybot that their cookies do not meet the commonly held definition of spyware? While CJ admits promoting the use of real problems like Whenu, I would think they would try to head off misconceptions of the one clean portion of their program.

    Any comment, CJ?

    Don't know what banning CJ's bot would do. You could try including it a robots.txt file if you use one, or in .htaccess file or global.asa file depending on your type of server. The robots.txt is usually the easiest.


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    Spyware cookies are normally considered any cookie that collects data across more than just one site. Which of course the CJ cookie has to do, otherwise it would only be able to track one merchant at a time.

    As for the forum post, insane, unfounded ignorance is almost impossible to stop.


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