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    I'd be interested to know how everyone's revenue is when measured with clicks for the month year over year.

    Last June 59,062 clicks to eBay.

    This month: 57,548
    Revenue trend: Down 75%

    Why would conversions per click change so dramitcally?

    The only logic that I can see is that someone else is getting credit for my work.

    eBay ONLY EVER pays WhenU for trafic that WhenU intercepts. WhenU does not seem to popup via search words or other auction sites. In otherwords it isn't key word driven. It's only getting commisions from people that were already there.

    It has been stated that parasites work the same was as if someone came up to you while you were in line to pay for your goods and they take credit for the sale.

    What kills me is it isn't just taking away from me but it's like WhenU intercepts someone while they are "in line" they get credit for the sale even though there was no salesman to begin with!

    It seems apparent to me that SUCKER is written all over these merchants and the topping on the dessert is the 50 million $$$ that the founders hope to sell the company for.

    Does eBay praise WhenU for the great sales they make for sales that should be commisonless?

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    My EPC is pretty much the same last year compared to this.

    Last Year - $11.81
    This Year - $10.92

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