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    My friend had a big check lost in the mail in April. After a couple of weeks she had cj stop payment on the check, she paid the 25.00 and they reissued another one and she had it sent over night. Now she has direct deposit and everything has gone very smoothly.

    Anyway, last night she clicked on her account tab by accident and she noticed that the state she lives in was changed to a different state, a state that she has never even been to. The rest of her address is correct though. Anyway, this is concerning because how did this happen? I though we only had access to that section of cj. Also, in the last two weeks when she tries to sign in she gets this grey certificate alert message that says there is a problem with the sites security certificate, do you want to continue and she clicks yes. I don't know if this has anything to do with it? I wonder if others have access to her account manager because of this?

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    LOL ...hundreds of secret perps have access to her CJ account if she is infected with adware/spyware keystroke loggers. Better have her check her credit reports too as they also might have pilfered her complete identity.
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    Yep, watch for a BIG BATCH of auto-installing BHO's even when visiting "trusted" sites using MS IE.

    Thankfully the Dept of Homeland Security has finally come out and said USE AN ALTERNATIVE BROWSER, MSIE HAS SECURITY HOLES...

    If you're sick of BHO's taking your commissions, NOW is the time to push alternative browsers. Put some download buttons on your sites, and links to the above articles!

    Good article to point Joe Average User to:

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