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    Although I've been marketing online (my own digital products for nearly 2 years), I'm fairly new to affiliate marketing, and CJ.

    I was told by a friend that most US merchants prefer to deal with US based affiliates.

    However, I hear it's possible to get a US mailing address and apply as "US" based affiliate. Is this possible?

    If yes, what about the SSN/EIN number during the CJ sign-up process?

    Thank you very much for your input.

    Best regards,

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    I hear it's possible to get a US mailing address and apply as "US" based affiliate. Is this possible?

    Possible perhaps, but only if you want to adhere to US tax laws etc, since I believe CJ reports to the IRS directly any affiliates earning over a certain amount.
    In my experience, yes some merchants auto-reject your application if you are not US based, however, a polite note to the Affiliate Manager has always resulted in my acceptance.

    I think we had this debate about GSI once, and the fact they stipulated US based merchants only, however the confusion was finally resolved by them saying as long as you had a .com, and not a or a .ca you'd be within their requirements.

    Bottom line: When auto-rejected contact the AM and explain your case.

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    What Tough Turkey said.

    The SSN/EIN number field often greys out or disappears when you select your country as UK. Any problems, an email almost always deals with it.

    The US mailing address etc. is not worth the trouble unless you're in a 3rd world "dodgy" country such as Nigeria.

    I've sent my NI number to the US to get cheques sent and the people who've received it have admitted they haven't got a clue what it means, I got the cheques anyway.

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    Thanks Tough Turkey and Paul.

    Appreciate the tip and will forget about
    getting a US mailing address for now.

    Best regards,

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