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    Hi... I have a site that has alot of commission junctions links on it..

    I went to one link clicked on it.. and then went into commission junction to see if it registers this click.. for the life of me I cannot find where i can see that..?

    I went under reports but its just a mess in there i havent a clue what i shuold be looking at, it keeps wanting me to save reports and not show me anything.. im frustrated as i have no way of checking if my links are ok..

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    Sign in to CJ . . click on Run Reports above . . then on the right hand side select the period you want to check . . Today, This Month . . whatever.

    Good Luck . . I hope you have lots of clicks!

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    Any particular reason why this was posted in Midnight Cafe instead of Commission Junction? Perhaps a Mod will move it.

    To see Today's clicks, go to your CJ account, click the reports tab, and select "Today" in the Web Site Performance section. It's on the right side of the page. That will show you your clicks by merchant/link, etc. You can dig down deep enough to see where your clicks are generating.


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    Log in.

    Click on "Run Reports"

    In the Select Report drop down window pick "50 Best Performing Links" or "Web Performance by Advertiser" and then choose your advertiser.

    Click on "Generate Report"

    From Pre-Selected Periods, you can pick "Today", "Yesterday", etc... and then click on "Generate"
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