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    I don't remember this being so sophisticated on one hand and so simple to crack on the other hand.

    If you haven't seen the eBay WhenU popup, you can see it here:

    View the source code of the page and you'll see their affiliate code and action.

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    Coupon MY ARSE!!!

    Straight to eBay's home page.

    And I note that Akamai is serving up WhenU's banners for them. Have they no shame?

    Also note the nasty javascript code to shrink windows and bring them back up after a fixed delay.

    Also has some javascript that detects if the popup is happening from the browser or WhenU's app. I wonder if it could be used to write a WhenU detector, so you could pop-up a pop-up over the top of WhenU's one, offering a WhenU uninstaller? :^)

    Another interesting question - why is there some commented out javascript pointing to a yahoo store "brandsmall", that has been closed and now redirects (after setting a referer bit at Yahoo Stores?) to ebay user "brandsmall" auctions?

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