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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi all. Just a quick question on CJ. I started promoting through CJ about 3 months ago. The advertisers i have chosen to promote have some nice 3 month EPCs. ie-60/70/80 $ ect...
    I have thrown 1000s of targeted visitors to these sites with just one commission of about 5 bucks!!

    HOW CAN THIS BE??? Am i getting screwed???
    thanks for your time, Jim

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    January 18th, 2005
    Yea, I too question some of the stat data in the back office myself.

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    On CJ, every single merchant i actually promote (a handful), does better than network EPC on at least one site of mine generating over 1000 clicks. Every single one.

    But, they do poorly on some of the sites. And it is not exclusive that all the merchants do well on one site, some tank, while other fly.

    Keep trying new stuff, somethings are easier to sell for some people. I can't sell clothes. No idea, I can make a clothes site like any other successful site i have, the clothes site will earn crap.

    So I stopped making cloth sites.

    Different markets not only require different sites, but also different ways to aquire visitors, and some site/traffic combinations generate more window shoppers than others.

    But to blame the EPC is not going to get you anywhere.


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