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    Hi, Everybody!

    I am having some administrtive problems
    with eBay arbitrarily expiring my CJ account and not being able to find a link that makes any sense at all explaining why my account was arbitrarily expired.

    Fine! I'll deal with them tomorrow via email.

    What I want to know is:

    Q #1 : "Is eBay worth the hassle?"

    I offer eBay text links on my web site more as a public service and as a source of cheap
    hardware and OS/2 Warp software for my less affluent visitors than as way of making any real money.

    Even at eBay's new rates it hardly seems worth the money they offer given the time losing hassle I am going to have to go through when
    I should be designing new pages for my site.

    Q #2 : Should I dump eBay?

    I would like very much to read the opinions and
    experiences of others regarding eBay.

    Q #3 :Is eBay honest, really, really honest?

    I won't knowingly deal with a dishonest merchant.



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    far far away....
    Q #1>NO
    Q #2>YES
    Q #3>?????

    BTW welcome to ABW

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Yea. I noticed they expired on me also. You have to log into CJ and go to your links. Then accept their offer. Then you become Active again.
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    Welcome to the eBay Affiliate Program – we like your use of our Flexible Destination Tool.

    As you may know, the eBay Affiliate program updated Terms and Conditions on July 1st. When Commission Junction pushes out new Ts&Cs on behalf of an advertiser, they communicate the change to affiliates via the email address listed in the affiliate’s account. This email communication is to inform affiliates that they have 7 days in which to accept the new Ts&Cs. All affiliates that do not accept the new Ts&Cs within the 7 day window are deactivated from the program.

    The good news is that eBay’s updated terms and conditions included a price increase as well as a change in process – that is, going forward affiliates will no long need to login to their account and manually accept Ts&Cs, rather Commission Junction will push Ts&Cs out to each affiliate’s account.

    If your account is expired, please login to your Commission Junction account and scroll to the bottom of the page. In the lower left you will see “Today’s Tasks”. Please click on the “Offers Pending Your Approval” link. This should take you to accept eBay’s updated Ts&Cs.

    If you have any problems/questions, please contact Commission Junction directly at

    Thank you,
    The eBay Affiliate Team

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    Until ebay fixes its reversal problem, its not worth the effort. What's the use in generating bids if that bid is removed 2 days later.

    I emailed ebays 2 days ago, complaining about that issue and I told them, that for ever bid reversed I'd remove a link to them on myt pages. (They will lose 20 pages if its a registration that was reversed) So far all my bids on July 10th and July 11th have been reversed, therefore they lost placement on 4 pages on my site. I expect to remove them from 200 pages by thanksgiving.


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    Ebay team, what about this?

    This is the forced clicks you said you didn't allow, but now you do if it is 180 on your own site stealing from us?

    Can you please explain how that is valid.



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    I don't think Ebay is really worth it. They may have doubled their payments but it doesn't really matter with their very questionable reversal tactics.

    $10 reversals suck more than $5 reversals.

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    Chet wrote:
    This is the forced clicks you said you didn't allow, but now you do if it is 180 on your own site stealing from us?
    Yes, it will be interesting to see how quickly eBay moves on this. Invisible (hidden) windows popping without a click to set a new cookie and snatch the commission.

    Definitely goes against the TOS. If eBay wants people to continue trusting them and their business model, they need to act quickly. Affiliates are eBay's customers as well, and our interests are not being adequately protected.


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    I like ebay because I like the colour red


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    Obviously, eBay is paying out some bucks for the affiliates that can attract people wanting to sell stuff and sign-up for a seller's account ...but I cannot imagine eBay handing out 10 dollar bills for sign-ups that simply bid on an item for sale.

    I mean, come on! and alot of buyers sign up multiple times on eBay of the main reasons is they accumulate negative feedback, etc. Is eBay going to hand out ten dollar bills each time this kind of stuff happens?

    Notice the following search for "eBay" on Google:

    Notice the eBay affiliates on the right who have sponsored links ...they are sending visitors to the eBay sign-up page for Sellers! They are not looking for bidders/buyers!

    If you are attracting people simply looking to buy stuff and send them to eBay ...don't expect alot of 10 dollar bills and dimes that aren't reversed.

    Additionally, I would encourage you to read other eBay threads here on ABW that deal with why eBay registrations and bids are reversed. I think you will come to the conclusion that eBay is but Fool's gold.

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