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    I operate a number of forums. I am interested in dynamically integrating cj text links (keyword links?) into forum's text.

    How do I go about it? I can look at different programs one at a time, and create a lookup table crossing keyword phrases to cj url's --one at a time.

    Is there an easier way to pull this off. What would data feed do to help me here (I have read about it here, but am not sure how it would help me).

    Please help!!

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    Before you start, make sure it is allowed. Some don't allow the use of affiliate links in forums.
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    Thanks, CheeseHead. I better check with the affiliate manager then re: forums.

    On my question: AdSense much reduced the effort by webmasters to contextually integrate text ads. As far as integrating cj ads into forum text, is there anything I can do besides spending hours clipping different URL's from different merchant sites, creating a lookup table, etc. etc. After a while, you have to figure if that is all worth it.

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