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    January 18th, 2005
    I signed up with this merchant about a week ago. I get this in cj mail box.

    A reminder to our affiliates that we DO NOT pay commissions on any Video Game Hardware orders. They also attract a HIGH level of fraudelent orders because hardware is easy for criminals to sell on the black market. We appreciate any efforts to promote but please remove any references to Video Game Hardware.

    I never saw this mentioned in the sign up and still don't! Don't think I will be putting up their links.

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    From thier signup page ....

    quote: is an online gaming superstore specializing in PC/Windows - Nintendo - Sony PlayStation - Dreamcast - Gameboy - XBox - and GameCube game products and accessories. 5% Commission earned per sale.

    And Link ID/Name 2200953 is a Text Link for XBOX? .... hmmmmm :confused:

    Our Price: $495.95
    Platform: Xbox
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Developer: Microsoft
    Release Date: 11/8/2001
    Availability: IN STOCK AND SHIPPING NOW !

    BUT ... after seeing ....
    3 month EPC $1.44
    7 day EPC $0.95
    Charge-back 47.30%

    Why in the world would you join them? I wouldn't! :eek:

    PS. has been emailed this thread and is welcome to comment!

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    January 18th, 2005

    do not promote our products, lol, best buisness plan ever! lets all use that xbox link to drive their EPC up to 100%

    they should take that link down
    , it amazes me that advertisers dont stay on top of things at, its their buisness afterall, their bread and butter

    i got an email from an advertiser yesterday telling me that i had been dropped from their program, (i hadn't put their links up) and when i checked i found that they hadn't dropped me so i had to drop them, i sent them a reply to tell them that only 13 merchants had rejected me in all my time at and all of them had since been deactivated and gone bankrupt (its true baby!)

    haiko, did you mean PS. has been emailed this thread

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    They are a total rip-off... I have now dropped them after they reversed my console sales and failed to reply to my emails... I replaced them with, at least they pay

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