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    Hi , i know this question might be silly for many of the affiliates who are veterans. I would want to know what does the 3 month EPC and a 7 day EPC signify about a merchant. In what way does this statistic help an affiliate choose an appropriate merchant? I am new to this concept , so i am getting confused.Kindly help

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    It measures the amount of money they have paid out per 100 clicks received from affiliates.

    example: 2 sales result from you sending them 100 visitors. You get paid $3.00 per sale earning yourself $6.00. Your epc is six dollars. The merchants epc is the same but they are averaged by all of their affiliates.

    It's up to you to decide if you think epc is all that important or not. There's plenty of arguement both ways on it.

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    It also shows a trend.
    If a site was doing very well, then changed something and now sales are suffering as a result of the change, that is reflected in the difference between 3 month and 7 day EPC.
    Inversely, if the site is hot now due to new mdse. or whatever, you see that too.

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    A couple of other things to keep an eye on with the EPC.

    *Look for consistancy in the 3mo and 7day EPC - Sometimes you may see a big difference in 3 mo and 7 day EPC where the 7 day EPC is higher. In some instances but not all that may mean that the merchant has a high reversal rate.

    On another note you may see the 3mo alot higher than the 7day. In some instances the merchant could be a seasonal merchant and right now isn't the season for the particular merchant meaning the merchant performs during the season when their products are popular.

    Another factor could be that the merchant batches sales, meaning they don't upload transactions daily but maybe every couple of weeks or once a month. In that case they may show a low or even zero 7 day EPC but a high 3 month EPC.

    Another thing IMO to remember is just because a merchant may have a low overall EPC doesn't mean that you won't make money with them. The overall network could be sending them less quality traffic or not as targetted traffic as you may send them. In that case your EPC could be alot higher than the overall merchants network wide EPC. Just a few things for you to take into consideration for what it's worth
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    Also, 3-month EPC is calculated from the 5th through 3rd previous months. Example 3-month EPC for June is calculated from the numbers for January, February, and March. That is a good indicator of tenure.
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    Another potential reason for a discrepancy between 3-month and 7-day EPC: If the merchant is relatively low-volume, their 7-day EPC may fluctuate far more than the 3-month EPC.

    Keep in mind that network-wide EPC is a good indicator, but not infallable. I have some merchants where my individual EPC is considerably higher than their network EPC and others where it's lower.
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    In some instances but not all that may mean that the merchant has a high reversal rate.

    I have a good idea. They should report the actual reversal rate on each merchant. I wonder if anyone else has ever thought of that?

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