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    January 18th, 2005
    Eternally dysfunctional eBay is now reversing all the dimes that it has given us. This happens after this ridiculous company DOUBLED its ... rewards to us!
    What a shame!


    "I've wasted my hours".
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    January 17th, 2005
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    I still have a few that haven't been reversed. I used to make a few hundred dollars a month with them. I doubt if I'll make it over one dollar this month.
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    January 18th, 2005
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    This month i'm seeing:
    25% of bids and buy it nows reversed
    0% of registrations reversed

    24.87 EPC

    It would be nice to see this program run by one of the AM's here since this is one of the most poorly run programs out there but since the payout has doubled so has my EPC.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Okay, I am not hot on the reversals, but why wouldn't they reverse the dimes the same as the nickels? That makes no sense to think they wouldn't.

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    January 18th, 2005
    What Chet said.

    eBay needs to do more than increase its commission structure; it needs to fix inherent issues with its program terms. First and foremost, eBay needs to fix its cookies! For some reason, eBay doesn't know how to code a cookie properly. Multiple bids placed after one click all show up, even though the cookie should expire after the first click.

    Why it's taking them so long to correct this is anybody's guess, but they're sure clogging up CJ's bandwidth with their erroneous bids and reversals.

    eBay also needs to recognize that the affiliates who have reward and incentive sites are not doing their reputation any good. These affiliates are operating in a gray area that is under intense scrutiny by many states, and it will just get worse. Instead of protecting their reputation, eBay continues to partner with these affiliates, even though these affiliates are in some cases offering shipping specials and savings on eBay auctions that don't exist!

    The result is lots of unhappy affiliates, who are irritated even more when eBay brags about their million plus monthly earners, who quite likely are sucking commissions from the rest of eBay's affiliates. Not a good thing.

    eBay needs to dump the reward and incentive sites, require that a physical click be made to set a cookie, prohibit pop ups or reminders after an affiliate link has been clicked, and fix their cookies. Then their program would be much better.

    They should also consider a premium for BINs, which end the auction and for which should be given more compensation. It's not impossible at this point for eBay to repair their program, but the longer it continues as it has, the worse it will be.

    eBay might think the reversals don't do any damage, but they do. I am not prepared to update or add any additional eBay pages until they get this situation fixed so there's a fair playing field for ALL AFFILIATES. Right now, it is not set up fairly or honestly at all. And, if I can find something else to take eBay's place, their links are coming down. Less traffic to eBay, and site visitors wonder why eBay isn't being promoted any longer.

    Why indeed...


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