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    I'm just wondering where (or if) CJ has 'datafeeds' for the merchants... like the way Linkshare has the 'Merchandiser Program' where you get datafeeds of product catalogues from the merchants.

    Or, if and how to get product catalogues from the merchants on CJ...

    Basically, I'm trying to figure how to set up a price comparison sort of thing and i'd need datafeeds of products available from each merchant that I'm promoting.

    Thanks - In Advance for your help.

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    If you are just comparing a few products, use the "product links" if available. Otherwise you usually have to contact the affiliate manager to get the feed.
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    Hi Rogi ,

    Yes there is a datafeed available from CJ. To get it you need to go to AAQ (Ask A Question) in your Commission Junction interface and choose linking... advanced linking and put Datafeed in your subject.

    The requirements are that you have made 10,000 in a month in sales for CJ otherwise there is a onetime setup fee.

    The feed is excellent and comes in a variety of flavours that CJ will advise you of when you ask via the above method.

    All the best,


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