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    Hello all,

    I'm a swedish affiliate marketer. I don't like receiving checks from CJ so I'm thinking about getting a US checking account. It's great that CJ offers bank wire so that I can wire the money to that account. But what about other affiliate programs I'm a member of?

    My questions is; Can I forward checks by mail to the bank in the US so that they'll clear the checks for me?



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    Have you checked the tax implications of having a bank account in the USA?

    A US$ account in a bank in Sweden might be a better idea, for many reasons. Then just bank your CJ check and others into that.

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    Yes, at least some banks allow that.
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    It is damn hard to open a bank account in US nowadays unless you go there in person. Unless you pay those guys online that charge $500 to know a few banks that accept your application.

    Or do you know any? Mind sharing?

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    I remember when I opened my bank account. The bank person that opened it put the wrong zip code and a month later the DOJ froze my account. Took me 3 weeks to get them to fix it.

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    Hi I have more or less the same problem.
    Local banks charge an average of US$10.00 per check.

    I found no bank willing to open an Non US Account by Mail or Internet, most of the require now to open the account in person at one of their branches. With your passport in hand and you will need to fill an IRS form, W8 something.

    Then you will be able to mail your checks to the bank and use your ATM card to withdraw your money in your country.

    In my case I have a Social Security Number from when I was in the US in 1991 and I will use an US address. But I will be subject to US Tax Law.

    If income will be enough I will be travelling into the US and then open a regular Non US Account.



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