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    Anyone made a dime with this beauty??

    3 month EPC $0.49
    7 day EPC $2.46
    Charge-back percent 52.10%

    I track tons of impressions ... Little clicks ... zero sales...

    Merchant Watch ... where are you? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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    Owf...what a dog!

    I looked at the site. They are DESPERATELY in need of Quiet777's design help for the looks of it, and a review from me to increase the CR! It plain stinks. There's probably at least 7 anti-conversionary things right in the site design.

    Let's see...
    1) Colors suck. What a dull, lifeless front page. Not exciting like biking across the country on a Harley at all! They should be trying to look Macho and Exciting, and evoke the romanticized image of biking around in freedom, as well!

    2) Links look hodge-podge-ized. This is important when the traffic is actually coming in the front page!!

    3) Forget selling a bike. Links directly to manufacturers exist, and plenty of 'em! What looks like a Commissionable Action button is hidden way at the bottom of that Find a Bike page.

    4) Haven't they ever heard of AD SPIN!!?

    5) Close-up view of jackets sucks! I assume all their clothes pix have the same general ecch...

    6) Pix load too slow and come in suddenly and by surprise!

    7) It looks like it'd be a kid magnet. "Push scooters" are available? Yet it also has Harley stuff. They need to make up their mind as to their audience! Tough bikers don't want kid stuff on a site they're going to actually buy from, kids don't have any money, and Mommy & Daddy will buy from a bright, clean, Amazon-like site.

    I'm sure there's more.

    Then there's that reversal rate. Merchant Watch can get to the bottom of that...

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    Never got a sale in 12 months from these guys pages. They and the other CJ motorcycle selections were discontinued ..then reborn several times this year. One got booted off due to diversion to non-paying/tracking sister sites and valid sales reversals.

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