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    Ive been seeing a cookies set on a few CJ merchants.

    Who is

    What is its relation to CJ? or is this an independent merchant data mining partner?


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    3,810 is owned by who is basically networksolutions. Basically a dataminer since provides web stats

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    pretty sure eBay used to use them for click tracking but don't think they do anymore. You will find they use javascript on lots of websites to get all sorts of information about your browser, etc.

    They use in an attempt to deflect people trying to find out who they are, by using a domain name like in the javascript code - looks like an IP address but that's the letter o not a zero!


    Paypal still uses them, apparently. Ameritrade, Jetblue are others.

    If you're interested in seeing the lengths they go to disguise what they're doing, take a look at the javascript called from a seperate file near the bottom of

    Basically it pulls everything it can find out about your computer's set up via javascript functions.

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    thanks y'all guys!

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    Datamining the networks and merchants clickstream data and shopper DNA must yield huge bucks for peddling privacy info to the IAB/DMA hungry sharks. Take a look at the articles on front page of where CMP reviews them for features and price. Seems like datamining traffic has some benefit other then whacking sales tracking for the $100,000 price. That AM firm sticks Walmart with the bill and pools the clickstream data mining reports of their other LS-BF-CJ clients and sells the aggregrate to any and all buyers of Adwhore information. Not one piece of data sold is used to increase Walmarts pathetic conversion ratio from targeted affiliate traffic other then knowing when to push the on/off reporting switch.

    Hint for all ABWers: don't bother pushing Walmart til November 10th thru December 14th. Then pull all your prominent links and count any sales showing up the rest of the year as blue-birds. That one is a freebee tip from Charlie's data mining application that sells for $200,000 plus 1500.00 per month admin fee. PS: Charlies Analytics package, like all the others, isn't certified to not whack the networks sales reporting so the price is cheap if kills $200,000 in payable commissions exposure.
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