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    Selling on the web is no longer such an easy endeavor. Gone are the days when all you needed was a ton of traffic and a company willing to let you advertise for them. Commission Junction was once a simple and uncomplicated affiliate service. In the beginning the clients came to CJ and said, “We’d like you to sell my product”. The affiliates then came to CJ and said: “we’d like to try to sell your product”. Things were simple, uncomplicated, and everyone was happy.

    Since that fine beginning, Commission Junction has metamorphosed into a gigantic bureaucratic mess of complications and delays. What was once simple and easy to use has gotten to the point that clients and affiliates as well, are both encouraged to attend CJ University! The fact that Commission Junction has had to create a school just to educate its clientele on how to navigate the nightmare of doing business with them should have highlighted a problem. The fact that CJ has to refer to its school as a “university” turns the entire prospect into an absurdity! The truly sad part is that the “University” is an absolute necessity for those new to CJ. In fact even for those of us who have been around since the beginning, it is becoming more and more appealing.

    Where have the simple days gone? No other affiliate program on the web sponsors a “University”. No other affiliate program needs one.

    It’s time for Commission Junction to wake up and realize what it has become. It’s time for CJ to get control of its business. Advertising and selling does not need to be this complicated. We should not need Commission Junction University!

    Warmest Regards,

    Sandra Roussel
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    here are my 2 cents

    The internet of the "old days" is not the internet of today.

    It's more mature today. The Dot Com Scam is more or less over. The Internet became a Sales Channel as addition to any other sales channel (such as TV, Radio, Magazine or Newspaper Ads).

    Business is now pretty much done as it was/is done offline with adaptations to the online world.

    The process of adaptation is not over yet though, since it is still young.

    Professionalism catched up. The time of personal inovation is pretty much over.
    Some niches are left, but that's about it.

    Carsten Partner

    If you can't move things, try harder!

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    Whoever wrote CJ's home page text comes off sounding like some graduate student preparing for oral exams. Lots of pompous prose meant to impresss others with how smart they are businesswise.

    If CJ is so smart, how come we are not all rich?

    By the way CJ, when are you going to get some programmers from Be Free to teach your guys how to code a home page, one that opens quickly EVERY TIME, not just half the time. If you would get rid of that Macromedia ShockWave nonsense people could be checking their stats instead of eating up your bandwidth reloading your poorly coded home page.

    Toooo Sloooooooow but a great site otherwise!

    CJ, I am your friend,


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    I think if I was starting with CJ now I'd be overwhelmed by the complexity of it. Having used it for several years I've been able to learn new features as they've been added, which has been relatively pain-free.

    CJ is complex but also flexible and powerful. And if newbies have trouble using it...well it just slows down the competition. There's always BeFree, which has considerably less overhead in the learning curve department.

    The reality is that complex systems require a big investment in time and effort to learn them. It's not necessarily a bad thing.

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    Whoever wrote CJ's home page text comes off sounding like some graduate student preparing for oral exams. Lots of pompous prose meant to impresss others with how smart they are businesswise.

    You can say that again!

    When I first discovered it took me 3 months to sign up with them because I didnt know what their website was about. Seriously. I knew there was money in it somewhere because I could see their URL on my status bar when I hovered my cursor over peoples links.

    I still to this day am baffled that they dont have a simple tutorial written in plain english for merchants and affiliates. Its truley shocking that so many merchants are so clueless about simple things like keeping a communication channel open with affiliates and setting advanced linking and what allowing affiliates to specify a landing page can do for conversion. Things like that should not be left for affiliates to sort out with merchants by sending emails back and forth.

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