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    Accepting all the 'Pending Offers' is time-consuming. Is it true that if we don't accept them manually, the program terms will change automatically after a while?

    Will save time if they are 'Offers' are approved automatically eventually.

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    Hi Nadeem,

    As far as I know, you have to accept the offer otherwise you will be expired by advertiser.

    I am an advertiser and when we changed our program terms and sent out new offers, the publishers that did not accept by the expiration (we did 30 days) date were expired automatically. I had to email everyone and send them the offer again to accept. We thought that it would just accept automatically but it didn't work that way. This is what happened to us. Anyone else?

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    If an advertiser moves you to a differnt program term, you have 7 days before it will go into effect, although you can accept it sooner if you want. After 7 days (or longer if the advertiser sets it) the program term will automatically go into effect.

    However, if an advertiser uses or adds special terms and conditions, you must manually accept the new program term or you will get dropped. The reason for this is , we cannot force you to agree to an advertiser's special TS&CS. So unlesss you click that you agree, you will get dropped after the expiration date of the old term.
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    Thanks for the clarification Todd, that makes sense and now I won't be so terrified about missing something!!!
    Deborah Carney

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