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    I just started w/ CJ, and I've been reading quite a bit of things about people losing their earnings due to reversals.

    I would just like to know, how often does this happen w/ lead based programs? For example, Lower My Bills or Ameriquest mortgage leads, and education leads such as University of Pheonix. None of mine have been "accepted" yet and I just want to be prepared if anything happens.

    Any responses are appreciated!

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    i have a couple lead generating sites, although i have not spent a lot of time om SEO i am getting traffic. The traffic i do get converts into leads very well and i have not seen any reversals (knock on Wood).

    The only advertiser (you mentioned) that i use is Ameriquest.

    to me , lead generation is cut and dry, if they fill in the form that's it they can't withdraw that form like they can cancel an ordered product! Your getting paid for the lead not the sale!

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